Commissioning Insight

Our expert engineers share their vast experience in building commissioning. The constant curiosity of our team drives us to learn more about buildings and the innovative technologies that improve their performance.

When Slushy Glycol is Not a Bad Thing

By Roger Thue | Mar 22, 2020

Question: Do you know that glycol provides both a freeze point and a burst point? Do you know…

Is there such a thing as too much ceiling plenum space?

By Roger Thue | Feb 8, 2020

Question: We have all seen the job sites where there’s everything you can think of crammed into the…

Taking Your Foot Off the Gas – Cooling Tower Fan Control Basics

By Roger Thue | Oct 28, 2019

Question: When you need to start your cooling fan, what’s the most efficient way to do so? Answer:…

Expansion Tanks 101 – Making the Right Connection

By Roger Thue | Oct 2, 2019

Question: Is your closed loop hydronic system expansion tank tied to the correct point in your system? In…

Expansion Tanks 201 – Charging On

By Roger Thue | Oct 1, 2019

Question: Are you having frequent problems with large fluctuations in closed loop hydronic system pressure? Does your system…