Questions & Solutions Engineering (QSE™) works with facility owners and operators worldwide to achieve high performance from their new and existing building mechanical, electrical, and life safety systems. We are not traditional design engineers; rather we are experts in how buildings actually operate.

Every professional at QSE™ is focused on commissioning and optimization of our clients’ systems. Whatever the assignment, QSE™ asks questions first and then offers customized solutions based on each owner’s unique facilities and organizational processes.

  • 9 Professional Mechanical Engineers
  • 2 Professional Electrical Engineers
  • 4 Certified Commissioning Professionals (BCxA)
  • 3 Building Commissioning Professionals (ASHRAE)
  • 6 Certified Commissioning Authorities (AABC Commissioning Group)
  • 1 Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (UW-Madison)
  • 1 Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM)
  • 11 LEED Accredited Professionals
  • 1 LEED Green Associate
  • 3 Certified Energy Managers (AEE)
  • 2 Green Globes Professionals
  • 1 Certified in Plumbing Design (ASPE)

QSE™ is officially a Certified Commissioning Firm!



QSE™'s technical team strives to understand our clients' goals by asking pertinent questions prior to offering potential solutions. We work with clients to meet a variety of facility system goals.

Indoor Environment

Water & Energy Conservation

Electric Power Reliability

Life Safety Systems Integrity


QSE™ does not offer basic "off the shelf" commissioning services. QSE™ takes into account each client's budgetary limitations, organizational processes, and schedule constraints to offer customized solutions to suit each project and situation.



Building Systems Performance Consulting