FirstService Residential
Condominium Board Training
October 29, 2019

Rebecca Ellis was asked to address a gathering of condominium association board members from about 15 high rise facilities in the Twin Cities. She presented information about a few typical ventilation (makeup air and exhaust) systems and plumbing system types found in high rise multifamily housing. She explained how they work, the pros and cons of different approaches, and common challenges associated with those systems.

Rebecca also explained the difference between equipment maintenance, system operations, and performance optimization for building systems of any type. All equipment must be maintained per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Systems made up of individual pieces of equipment then need to operate properly together in order to meet the occupants’ needs (temperature control, pressure control, indoor air quality, etc.). Optimization is the process by which occupant needs are met as energy efficiently as possible.

QSE loves working for building owners who care, and homeowners care passionately about how their building mechanical, electrical, and life safety systems perform. This training session was intended to communicate how high rise residential buildings are not the same as single family houses, and the systems serving them are more complex than many people are aware.