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The following calendar can be used to find the text to some of Rebecca Ellis’ monthly Commissioning columns in Engineered Systems Magazine.

by Rebecca Ellis, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CCP, CPMP, CxA

 Engineered Systems Magazine

Year 2015

January - Commissioning Team Members

Year 2014

December - Commissioning Action Lists: Keeping Them Under Control Part 3

November - Commissioning Action Lists: Keeping Them Under Control Part 2

October - Commissioning Action Lists: Keeping Them Under Control Part 1

September - Commissioning Action Lists: What is too Long?

August - Beware of Single Mode Balancing Reports

July - Appropriate Level of Effort

June - Designer Copy/Paste

May - Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

April - Remote System Readiness Verification

March - Un-Sampled Systems

February - Functional Performance Test Sampling

January - Functional Performance Test Sampling

Year 2013

December - Controls Programming Versus Design

November - Construction Phase HVAC Controls Coordination

October - Teams: Lacrosse and Construction

September - Owner Training For Non-Operators

August - Training A Service Contractor

July - Service Contractor Training

June - Substantial Completion Confirmation

May - MEP Coordination

April - Faster + Cheaper ≠ Better

March - What is Substantial Completion?

February - Substantial Completion and Knowledgeable Owners

January - Why Are Owners Taking This?

Year 2012

December - When Substantial Completion is Insubstantial

November - Documenting Integrated HVAC Controls

October - Troubleshooting Systems with On-Board Equipment Controllers

September - Is Systems Integration Getting Worse?

August - Data Integration During Construction

July - Equipment Data Overload

June - Trend Analysis Summary

May - Rooftop Unit Trend Analysis

April - Heating Hot Water System Trend Analysis

March - Single Zone Air Handling Unit Trend Analysis - Cooling

February - Single Zone Air Handling Unit Trend Analysis

January - Public Art Gallery Air Handling Unit Trend Analysis

Year 2011

December - Art Storage Vault Air Handling Unit Trend Analysis

November - Critical Air Handling System Trend Analysis

October - Parking Garage Makeup Air and Heating Trend Analysis

September - Trend Logs

August - Equipment Start-up & Commissioning

July - Equipment And Controls Integration

June - WHAT IS Accessible?

May - ALL-Access Pass

April - Commissioning and Baseball
by Paul Schlueter

March - Missing Operations & Maintenance Participation

February - Owner Expectations at the End of Construction

January - Facilities Staff Design Involvement

Year 2010

December - BCxA Essential Attributes, Part 6

November - BCxA Essential Attributes, Part 5

October - BCxA Essential Attributes, Part 4

September - BCxA Essential Attributes, Part 3

August - BCxA Essential Attributes, Part 2

July - What is Commissioning?

June - The Business Case for Commissioning and Retrocommissioning

May - Functional Performance Test Procedures

April - Reconsidering Resets

March - Commissioning Certifications

February - On Board Equipment Controls Integration

January - Controls Design Timing

Year 2009

December - LEED, Commissioning and Energy Conservation

November - Some Solutions Really Aren't

October - Commissioning & Energy Conservation

September - Testing Frustrations

August - Trend Log or Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

July - Trend Log Analysis II

June - Trend Log Analysis

May - Commissioning And Incomplete Design Documents

April - When There is No O&M Representative

March - Preparation For LEED For Existing Buildings

February - Preparing for Energy Metering and Management

January - Preparing for Systems Optimization

Year 2008

December - Commissioning Is Just The Start

November - Design-Phase Commissioning By The Numbers

October - Enter The Matrix

September - Why Design-Phase Commissioning

August - Who Does That?

July - LEED Commissioning Design Review

June - Fast-Track Commissioning

May - Design-Build Vs. Design-Bid-Build

April - Submittal Reviews

March - Nice Building - How’s It Work?

February - Put That Stroll On The Schedule

January - Design Delays

Year 2007

December - LEED® EB Streamlines for 2008

November - Forwarding the Retro Process

October - Stop, Look & Listen

September - How Much Of A Good Thing?

August - When to Retrocommission?

July - Core & Shell and Tenant Fit-Out Projects, Part 3

June - Core & Shell and Tenant Fit-Out Projects, Part 2

May - Commissioning Core & Shell and Tenant Fit-Out Projects

April - Is there a Minimum Definition of Commissioning?

March - Is the DID Done? Design Intent or Owner's Project Requirements: Understand the Role of Each

February - Retrocommissioning New Buildings

January - Deferred or Phased Testing

Year 2006

December - Commissioning: Fair and Balanced

November - Rewards Revisited

October - The Perfect Test

September - Commissioning Completion

August - Too Much Commissioning?

July - Small ≠ Unimportant

June - Commissioning Existing Systems Renovations

May - De-Commissioning

April - Pre-Commissioning

March - Building Success

February - Commissioning Keeps on Giving

January - Can We Be Intelligent?

Year 2005

December - Why be Rigorous? - Part 2

November - Why be Rigorous? - Part 1

October - What is a Test?

September - How Much to Test?

August - Maintenance Responsibility vs. Operational Turnover

July - Testing Inter-System Functionality

June - What is a System?

May - Commissioning Provider Contracts

April - Selecting the Cx Provider for You

March - What do Owners Want from a Commissioning Provider?

February - Qualities of an Excellent Commissioning Provider

January - Deciding What Tasks to Include in Commissioning

Year 2004

December - Deciding How to Commission What

November - Commissioning Retail Facilities

October - System Operating Procedures

September - Operations & Maintenance Design Intent

August - Integrated Design Intent

February - Building Automation Startup and Fine Tuning vs. Commissioning

January - Planning Ahead

Year 2003

December - Commissioning Humidification & Dehumidification Systems

November - Commissioning Commercial Facilities

October - Commissioning Government Facilities

September - Industrial Facilities Commissioning

August - Energy Management System Surprises

July - Commissioning Healthcare Facilities

June - Commissioning for Colleges and Universities

May - Commissioning for the Hospitality Industry

April - Commissioning for Indoor Air Quality

March - Commissioning K-12 Schools

February - Energy Management System Documentation

January - LEED & Commissioning

Year 2002

December - Partnering & Commissioning

November - Beyond Operations & Maintenance Training

October - Test & Balance in the Commissioning Provider's Scope

September - Balancing and Commissioning

April - Training is Not an Event

March - Is Commissioning Undermining Quality Control?

Year 2001

December - Punchlists & Commissioning

November - Teamwork

October - Functional Completion

September - Owners Make The Difference

August - Commissioning of Central Chilled Water Plants

July - Commissioning is Not a Commodity

June - As Built Drawings

March - Continuous Commissioning

February - Recommissioning

January - Types of Commissioning

Year 2000

December - Executive Decision

November - Budget, Schedule or Quality?

October - Commissioning and Measurement & Verification

September - Commissioning & Design Build Projects

August - The Design Intent Document Lives On

July - Design Intent Document

June - Commissioning & Deferred Maintenance

April - Reduce the Cost of a Construction Project with Commissioning

March - Keeping the Fire Alive

February - Commissioning Construction Phase Scheduling

Year 1999

December - Quality Control Or Commissioning?

November - Planning for Commissioning

October - What's Commissioning Done for Me Lately?

September - Commissioning and the Preventive Maintenance Plan

August - Operations & Maintenance Personnel And The Commissioning Process

July - Was the Building Properly Commissioned?

June - Commissioning of Smoke Management Systems: Preparations Prior to Final Testing

May - Starting Commissioning Late

April - Aren't We Paying For This Already?

March - Selling Commissioning

February - Commissioning Converts

January - Is Electrical Really Different Than Mechanical?

Year 1998

December - Communication

November - Existing Building Commissioning (Recommissioning)

October - Who Performs Commissioning?

September - Cost of Commissioning

August - Warranty Period

July - Writing It Down

June - Operations Personnel Training

May - Systems Verification Testing

April - Construction Phase Commissioning Activities

March - Design Phase Commissioning Activities

February - Pre-Design Phase Commissioning Activities

January - Introduction